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Sandblasting - We Can Do All Surfaces

Sandblasting | American Blasting & Refinishing - Ogden, UT

At American Blasting & Refinishing, we can sandblast any surface down to the substrate (unfinished surface), including wooden structures and metal frames. We have a large selection of abrasive materials to do any finish-stripping job in the safest and most effective manner. Our abrasive materials include simple sand, sodium bicarbonate, crushed glass, steel grit, and much more. ABR can sandblast your home or smaller wooden structures to remove old paint, stain, or other types of finish. ABR also strips paint from commercial vehicles with a “soda blast” procedure using sodium bicarbonate. The wrong abrasive can damage the substrate; you shouldn’t take any chances on sandblasting. Talk to the professionals at American Blasting & Refinishing.

If you need to strip your home down to bare wood, American Blasting & Refinishing does professional grade sandblasting on tongue-and-grove structures, beam-ceiling homes, and log cabins. Our procedure strips the wood completely and evenly, leaving a smooth surface that allows even application of new paint, stain or other finish. Don’t take a chance on shoddy wood-stripping, sabotaging the new look of your home. ABR also takes great care in selecting just the right abrasive for your sanding job. We may use sand, baking soda, walnut shell, corn cob, or other materials to match the type of wood and the level of coarseness or fineness of stripping needed.

In addition to structures, we also use sandblasting procedures to make art to order. American Blasting & Refinishing can make reliefs on an exterior wall, or free-standing sculptures to give your business or home the accent it needs.

Using soda blasting and other pertinent procedures, American Blasting & Refinishing also does sandblasting of vehicles and other metal structures. Check out photos of our previous work to see the difference we have made for rusted garbage trucks, dump trucks, semis, and antique cars. The transformation to the bodies of these vehicles must be seen to be believed.